Recommended Foods to Defy the Aging Process

One of the most powerful secrets against skin aging is the right diet. With the help the perfect choices of foods, you will certainly defy the aging process. Hence, here are the recommended foods for your anti-aging diet.

To be considered as an anti-aging food, it should be rich in antioxidants that can reduce the oxidative damage of free radicals. Furthermore, it can also boost the immune system. Most of these foods have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

One of the top foods best known for its antioxidants is the yogurt of kefir. In fact, this food is the secret of several tribes living in mountainous areas of Asia. This is the very reason for their longevity. Rich in probiotics, yogurt and kefir can help prevent intestinal problems, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and infection of the reproductive organs. Furthermore, it is also known to help fight respiratory infections as well as enhance the function of the antibodies to fight a wide array of diseases.

Spices are very rich in antioxidants. Known for its anti-aging properties, garlic and onions are common everyday spices that can be included in any dish. Both of these foods contain flavonoids to fight the toxins present in the body. Aside from minimizing the effect of harmful substances, it is also known for boosting the immune system and help cardiovascular health.

One of the staples in our everyday meals is grains. Hence, I include whole grains as one of the best foods to include in the anti-aging diet. Whole grains like raw barley and buckwheat are prime examples of anti-aging foods. Raw barley can be very helpful to the colon for its fiber content while buckwheat can help control cholesterol, hypertension, and has lots of antioxidants as well. Both grains are known for their high nutrient content too.

In summary, you need to include all these foods in your anti-aging diet. These can be incorporated in your everyday foods and dishes and you can surely enjoy them to your road to youthfulness.