Great Culinary Destinations in Asia

Asia is full of great places to eat, after all the area is home to some of the best cuisines in the world. Every country you visit here has its own mouth-watering specialties based upon local ingredients that will blow your mind. Of course not all cuisines are created equal and while the food is consistently excellent, there are a few countries which really stand out.

Vietnam has some of the most consistently excellent food in the world. With strong Chinese influences it has created a delicious blend of noodles, rice and mouth-watering soup. You will find the usual fare of fried noodles and rice, yet you should concentrate on Pho, a beef broth soup which is made with delicious fresh rice noodles: this lovely dish is fragrant, filling and, if you add some chili, very spicy. Vietnam is also known for its baguettes, indeed, the colonial influence of France lives on here. Roadside vendors sell incredible sandwiches stuffed with familiar and unexpected items that are well worth it for a quick meal.

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse place – this has left it with an amazing cuisine which blends Indian, Chinese and Malay influences. Fried rice and noodles are incredibly popular while treats like Satay and Roti Canai are great for roadside snacks. Roti Canai, a dish consisting of fried bread and curry for dipping, is particularly noteworthy. You can also sample some great fusion in the form of Noonya food which combines Malay and Chinese influences to create delicate curries that will astound you. The Indian food is also very good here, and if you travel to this country you should definitely spend an evening sampling a curry or eight.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for European travellers who come here to relax on the beach. It is also home to some of the best food in Asia. Like most of the food here strong Chinese influences are present, yet this land certainly has its own distinct culinary style. Fish sauce, lemon-grass, coconut milk and sweet basil are used to create a huge variety of amazing dishes that are very fragrant yet spicy. Tourist favourites include: green and red curries and the omnipresent Pad Thai. That said, there are many different dishes out there which are a bit more exciting: KaProw Moo is a lovely pork dish, while Kow Mun Gai is an amazing mix of oily rice, chicken and broth.

These three countries offer some of the best food in Asia. Luckily they are also some of the most accessible places on this great continent and many tourists travel each year to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. This has led to the creation of a tourist economy with its requisite burger stops and pizza restaurants – this is a great shame as the local cuisine is so wonderful that there is no need to even think of having a cheeseburger. So if you are lucky enough to be travelling to one of these great countries, be sure to sample the food and eat to your heart’s content.