Experiencing Chiang Mai Food

What would be among the main reasons to visit the amazing Thai province of Chiang Mai? Most will mention that sightseeing in the luxurious green region of the province would be the prime reason to go. Others will mention another prime reason: to enjoy the local Chiang Mai food. No, that is not an exaggeration! Many find the food in Chiang Mai to be the best in Thailand if not the world. They may not travel to this Northern Thai province solely for the food but they definitely will partake in it once they arrive in the territory.

Simply put, it would be difficult to not want to enjoy the local Chiang Mai food as it is some of the very best food in Southeast Asia. What allows it to be so popular and enjoyable? Taking a look at the various offerings in Chiang Mai will reveal why these food selections are so popular.

There are a few things that separate the food in Chiang Mai from the selections in other parts of the country. For one, the food in this province is commonly spiced with a great many herbs. Coriander, shallots, and garlic would be among the most common herbs added to food dishes. The presence of these herbs can strongly alter the taste of any dish in a unique way. For those that have never tried the local cuisine, the presence of the herbs becomes the most noticeable and pleasing component of the selection.

A lot of seasoning is added to food. As with the herbs the seasoning is intended to give the dishes somewhat of a unique taste and it does often succeed. Proper seasonings can give a dish a taste that is somewhat unforgettable.

Not all meals are full meals. There are many herbal soups and curry pastes that comprise traditional Chiang Mai food. Depending upon the particular soup that is offered, you might find an enormous amount of herbs placed in the bowl. Be aware that you may not want to eat those herbs as they are merely there for taste and seasoning.

You might also note that many of the dishes are light in nature. You will not find heavy red meat still offerings aplenty although there are some dishes that would be considered such. This can be considered a good thing if you wish to avoid burdening your digestive system with heavy meals known to weigh it down.