Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr After The Ramadan Fast

In Singapore, Muslim customers acquire catering without worries. Certified catering services understand the food restrictions ordered in the religion. The service providers offer a wide assortment of dishes that don’t include pork and are appropriate for all Islamic events. A local catering service provides businesses and consumers with opportunities to plan Islamic celebrations with ease.

Celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr With a Feast

Eid-Al-Fitr is a celebration that commemorates the end of Ramadan which is a full month of fasting. The celebration extends up to three days and provides practitioners with exceptional cuisine. When planning an event to celebrate, catering services provide a wide assortment of dishes that won’t disappoint.

Examining Halal and What It Means to Catering Services

The term halal refers to any food selection that is permitted in the Islamic faith. The foods cannot contain any pork or unnatural preservatives. When reviewing the menu selections, the caterer must show the client or event planner which foods aren’t illegal or could lead to serious consequences for attendees.

Additional restrictions could include animal fat, lard, certain meat stocks, and any birds of prey. Foods that could be exposed to any of the restricted substances aren’t permitted in the Islamic faith and could lead to serious issues as well.

Preparing the Food Correctly

Any catering service that is certified for a halal diet follows strict guidelines for meal preparation. The Islamic faith dictates which foods are clean and safe for consumption. For example, the manner in which an animal dies determines if the food is appropriate to eat. Since all Muslims believe that life is sacred, the meal preparation process must involve the slaughtering of animals in a way that involves a prayer for the animal. Restrictions on who prepares any meats must also apply to meal preparation.

In Singapore, when planning an event for individuals of the Islamic faith, caterers must follow specific practices. According to Islamic law, practitioners of the religion must follow a restricted diet. Any failure to follow the diet is a direct violation of Islamic law and considered unholy. Consumers who need to obtain the best halal-certified catering services must contact a local catering service right now.