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Restaurants, the Best Location to Eat

People seem to love the exotic aroma of Indian spices and achaars. India is certainly the place for amazing Indian food but London is not far behind. London also plays host to some authentic Indian restaurants. From stylish and tasteful decor that reminds you of India to various chutneys, achaars and recipes, Indian restaurants in London seem to have it all. Indian restaurants in London are visited are surely visited for the love people have for India. The London restaurants boast its innumerable variety of delicious vegetarian dishes along with spicy and exotic non-vegetarian curries. The tempting Indian vegetarian dishes include Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer Baingan ka Bharta, Daal Makhni etc and the non-vegetarian dishes are butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and sharabi kababi tikka.

Apart from Indian food, the culinary delights from Asia are also very popular. China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other places are also flaunted on the menu cards of other restaurants in London. The pan-Asian flavors dominate the dining scene in London for the enjoyable experience it offers. These restaurants provide for buffets as well as al’-carte. With colorful cocktails and some alluring mocktails, the Asian dining experience is heightened. Eating the most favorite and specialized cuisines from Asia sitting in your own home London, these pan-Asian restaurants in London certainly have their unique selling point set.

The restaurants in London bring with them a corresponding decor and music with the cuisine that makes the dining experience more real. Having a bar serving the most exquisite alcohol and drinks only adds to the elaborate Asian setting. People are attracted to Asian food for its ingenious spices and herbs. Offering the best cuisines from world over, London certainly promotes multiculturalism. Eating out is an integral part of the city’s life, this becomes more prominent by seeing the variety of London restaurants along with many street food stalls interspersed all over the city.

A cultural hub and a city that loves food, London surely has a lot for anyone who is traveling or planning to be there any time soon. For all those who are going there for a holiday especially from Asia, it is hundred percent sure that you are not going to miss Indian, Chinese and other Asian cuisines there. Authentic cuisines in world-class setting is going to be a great experience for any one who loves traveling yet staying in touch with their Asian roots. One should not forget tasting and trying everything that is not Asian in London to get a comprehensive feel of the place but for all those times when you are missing India or your roots, any Indian restaurant in London can bring you back to the Indian flourish. Being in touch with your own food, lifestyle, culture, decor and space is not tough when you are in London. Therefore, enjoying the colorful panorama of the city, indulging in the goings-on of the city along with eating the best food at restaurants in London makes for a spectacular experience that surely can’t be missed.

Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Asia

Nobody really knows the origins of Halloween, although some state it began in Ireland and not America as you would expect. It is sometimes referred to as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve is a celebration of the day before All Hallows Day on 1st November. There are contradictions in History that say it was a pagan festival originating from the Celts, whilst others will have you believe it started with Christianity as a festival to remember the dead. Either way it is now one of the most popular events around the world and is celebrated in many different ways, none more so that in Asia.

In some Asian countries they actually celebrate by carving out Pumpkins, particularly in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. In Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia they also celebrate with pumpkins or more ready to hand fruits such as watermelons. Over the past few years, children in Asia have taken to trick or treating. Again, due to the influence of western pop culture and the growing number of international schools in the region.

Halloween decorations are not necessarily evident in Asian homes but in the shopping malls, bars and restaurants there are decorations a plenty. Many schools will have celebrations, adult Asians will dress up in the office and of course the bars and restaurants will have parties that run into the early hours.

Here are the ways you can celebrate Halloween whilst in Asia.

1. Purchase Candles and Flowers

This is a big tradition, particularly in the Philippines. The Filipino people take the festival very seriously and will often return to their hometowns to be with their family at this time. They will decorate their homes with flowers and light candles. It is not just the Philippines where this happens, Korea and China also have this kind of decoration in celebration of the Halloween festival.

2. Cosplay

Asians love to dress up, especially East Asians. Japan and South Korea is the home of Cosplay and if you are there over Halloween you will see a variety of costumes. Over the rest of Asia it is more traditional but on 31st October people will tend to wear a scary mask or devil ears, even in the most uptight of offices. Into the evening a lot of the bars will have parties and offer prizes for the best costume.

3. Go on a Ghost Walk

This is becoming increasingly popular in Asia. Every year Singapore hosts a ghost walk, predominantly aimed at children but more and more adults are joining in for an evening of entertainment. Other Asian cities have followed suit with scary tours for tourists and locals alike. One of the best in Asia is Singapore’s Ghost Walk at the Woodlands Woodgrove.

4. Pay respect to the dead

In some Asian countries the traditional element of Halloween is taken very seriously. In China and Japan as well as Vietnam, lanterns are lit, special food is made and memorial services take place for those that have passed away. It is often the families will get together and remember loved ones at this time and say special prayers.


Asians love any excuse to party and in all the major cities in Asia the bars and clubs will be filled with special Halloween events. They are predominantly on October 31st but some will be for the weekend before or just after. The parties will be intense and the place will be very crowded. Some bar operators suggest that Halloween is a busier night of the year than New Year’s Eve.

How to Save Tons of Money on Food

You are on vacation in some foreign place, and your stomach starts growling because it is time to eat, however you look at your wallet and realize you don’t have much money left, so what should you do? Some people underestimate on how much food can cost you when travelling abroad. Therefore it is critical to ensure you budget yourself so that you have enough money for your food and drinks! Here are some great tips for budget travel on how to save tons of money on food.

Tip 1.) Eat at the local establishments and not at the hotels or fancy restaurants

One big money saving tip for food and beverages, is to eat at the local establishments, instead of at the hotels or fancy restaurants. Eating at hotels and fancy restaurants, typically are very expensive, and limited with choice and portions. By eating where the locals are eating, you will be guaranteed to have the most authentic culinary experience, along with the most affordable prices. This is very true when you travel to Asia, where you will probably get the best food at cheap prices at the street stall food vendors and “mom and pop” restaurants.

Tip 2.) For alcoholic beverages, drink at bars and pubs during happy hours

Many times if you go to the bars and pubs at the happy hour timings, you will get substantial discounts on your alcoholic drinks. Such perks include discounts on drinks, and even one for one drinks, which means buy one drink and get the other for free. Typical happy hour timings happen around lunch time, and also around the rush hour time after work, which is about 5:00pm until 8:00pm (depending on which city you are visiting). This is also a great way to mingle around with the locals.

Tip 3.) Cook your own meals

If you are staying at a place that has a kitchen facility for you to do your own cooking, then buying groceries and cooking your own meals maybe an option for you. Buying your groceries can definitely save you a lot of money, and also is a great way to experience the local fresh produce markets, and grocery stores.

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to sample different foods from different countries. It is a great way to experience cultures from different places of the world. By following these simple budget travel tips, you will be able to save tons of money on food and drinks, and also be able to have a more authentic travel experience.

Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the past 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on how to get the best deals in all his travel destinations. He constantly delivers informative, accurate, and insightful travel information through his travel blog

How to Budget Southeast Asia Travel

Budget Southeast Asia Travel

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent with diverse cultures and fascinating people. This article will be concentrating more on the Southeast Asia region as it provides terrific value for budget travelers and you can travel from country to country overland effortlessly. You can travel easily through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia by land or with budget airlines.

Do plenty of research as it will save you money, time and frustration. Plan your day and how you are going to your destinations. Unnecessary transportation costs because of poor planning and indecision can really add up, so plan a logical route for your day and how you’re going to get from place to place. Look at budget travel guides like “Lonely Planet” or “Let’s Go” or “Trip Advisor”. These guides will give you useful information to specific countries while you embark on your Asian Adventure and soak up the culture!


Bundled flights, all Asia air pass or even budget/low-cost Asian airlines can significantly reduce the cost of your airfare. If time permits, using trains or buses for long trips between cities is another cheap alternative and you would be able to sight-see while you en route to your next destination. Cathay Pacific Airways has one of the most popular air passes from the United States. Prices start at $999 for Hong Kong and two other Asian destinations (flies to 18 Asian destinations), and you have 21 days to use it. You can add cities and time for an additional cost.


For the adventure seekers, you can just book the first night’s accommodation in advance and then look for a cheap place to stay locally, and look around upon arrival for the cheapest accommodation. Backpackers should consider staying in hostels as you would get to meet other backpackers, share experiences and exchange information on places to stay and must see attractions.

Accommodation in Asia can be very cheap. There are beach huts in India for less than US$3 a night, and in many Southeast Asian countries US$10 is more than enough for a decent double room. You can also consider staying on the outskirts of a city or even in a nearby town or village. Rates are far cheaper and it allows you to immerse yourself more deeply into the culture.


Forget about fine dining when you are traveling. Nothing will drain your budget faster than a few ritzy restaurants. The best food in Asia is found on the street. Look where the locals eat. In Asia, most food is fresh and not preserved. They are very cheap and can be just as good as restaurant food. Most are clean, but be careful with any meat you eat. Watch the locals. If what they are eating looks good, give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language. Just point and smile. They will be happy to feed you. Southeast Asian street food is not just affordable but also delicious.

Also, leave your diet at home. You didn’t come to Asia to eat healthy. Enjoy the delights of Asian cooking. If the food doesn’t look safe, opt for fast food.

Lastly, two more tips that would really give you the extra mile on your adventure. Bargaining and theft prevention! Bargaining is a must and customary in most Asian countries. Start low because tourists are always quoted a higher price than locals. Theft prevention is often overlooked, but very necessary precaution. Money belts, locks and a watchful eye can prevent a theft that could put a major dent in your travel funds. Places like Japan and Singapore generally have very little petty theft, but in poorer countries like those in Southeast Asia more caution is necessary.

Wonderful Vacation at Some of the Best Places in Asia

If you want a different kind of experience for your vacation then there is no doubt that Asia is the place to be. It has a lot to offer tourists from exotic dishes to diverse cultures; you will never go wrong when you visit some of the best places Asia is proud of. You will also be introduced to some of the things that you have never seen before that you will only see in this lovely continent. There are just so many reasons why you should come and visit Asia as well as discover the magnificent places and meet warm people.

First off, make sure that Indonesia is on top of your list for your Asian trip. It is your chance to experience Bali and the wonderful cultures you have not yet witnessed.

India offers an exotic vacation to tourists. This is one trip that will surely stick in your memory. Enjoy the boat rides in some of the great rivers there. And if you are looking for some spiritual enlightenment, be prepared to join in with India’s religious citizens. You will discover amazing temples and other architectural wonders.

Bangkok, Thailand should not be missed out on your itinerary. They have got great temples and shrines. When you are there, grab the chance to head to Pattaya as well as the Coral Island.

Vietnam is among the top choices of tourists when they go to Asia. If you are a fan of authentic dishes then enjoy Vietnamese food. You can just walk round the city and explore the many sights. You can also take cruises along their great Mekong River and do not forget to taste Vietnamese fruits too.

For breathtaking sceneries then head to Pakistan. Even though it is known to be a dangerous country, many tourists still come and take a look at what this country has to offer. Discover the wonderful sights of the Himalayan Mountains and visit the Swat Museum as well.

The oh-so-fabulous China should also be visited. There are a lot of great places that you can go to which include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square.

Be prepared to enrich your historical knowledge with some of the museums that you can find in Turkey. There are also great archaeological landmarks like Blue Mosque and Pamukkale’s Hierapolis.

Your Asian trip will never be complete without stopping by at Japan. Have a look at Tokyo City. There are just so many things that you can do there.

Lastly, Singapore is a great place to shop. So make sure that you bring with you your credit card and cash and buy souvenirs, electronics and clothes that you like.

Where to Find the Best Food

Loft Bar and Bistro is one of the restaurants that offers fine dining. It is located in the heart of San Jose and offers inside and outside dining. The restaurant menu only offers lunch and dinner. The menu has both unique and familiar dishes, such as Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Scampi Prawns and Braised Lamb Shanks and even custom made buffets, entrees and even platters that can be chosen to be either full hosted bars or full hosted cash bars.

The Taiwan Restaurant offers Szechwan, Cantonese and Taiwan specialties. The Taiwan Restaurant offers carry out and catering. The owners have decorated the restaurant with flower arrangements and oil paintings for the customers to enjoy. The menu offers anything from seafood to chicken as well as chief specials to family dinner specials.

Le Papillon has a widespread a la carte and French tasting menu that focuses on natural and sustainable narrow ingredients. With seasonally changing menus chefs are allowed to offer premium and fresh ingredients. This restaurant even offers a tasty menu that includes Porcini Mushrooms and confit ravioli.

La Pastaiais is only minutes away for travelers coming from the San Jose international airport. It is an ideal stop for hungry travelers who want to experience fine Italian cuisine. This Italian restaurant is also beneficial because it offers personalized menus for groups up to twenty-five.

Auqi Cal-Mex Grill Mexican has dishes that are fashioned and inspired by using new seasonal herbs, produce and meats. They blend in up to date flavors of Asia, the American Southwest and Latin America. This restaurant is sure to offer Mexican cuisine that will please all taste buds.

McCormick and Schmicks Seafood have chief contacts with different varieties of dishes from the Pacific, Atlantic and the Golf Coast even when it limited. McCormick and Schmicks are known for their seafood. This restaurant doesn’t only offer seafood, but it also changes its menu constantly to please everyone.

Sonoma Chicken Coop is a fast, casual dining restaurant that makes all of the menu items from scratch and fresh ingredients. Sonoma Chicken Coop offers different types of food that includes pizza, fish, sandwiches, and their well know rotisserie chicken. There are four restaurants located in the San Jose California. Sonoma Chicken offers outside dinning outside on their patio where travelers can enjoy the sights of San Jose.

Top Travel Destinations

From the West, the adventure takes a pit stop at the East. This part of the globe has been a favorite destination because of its warm weather and tropical ambiance which provides that relaxing feel.

For those who wish to see a different set of country natives-different features, different cultures, Asia is worth visiting. Aside from its rich culture, the food is definitely to die for and worth trying out. Asian restaurants may be available from where you came from, but nothing beats the best.

Maldives Paradise

From its crystal clear waters, white sparkling sand, tribal gongs and drums, no one can deny that this is definitely a Maldives treat. Ranked as the most famous beach holiday destination, this paradise is a must-go for any beach lover.

This is also a Diver’s delight which provides them a rare opportunity to swim with the fish and spot bejeweled corals and enchanting reefs. Your experiences here are truly a holiday-maker.

Delectable Kuala Lumpur (MY)

For all foodie jet-setters, another Asian treasure is discovered because of their authentic local delicacies that are truly worth trying out. Kuala Lumpur, or KL for short, is the capital and the largest city of Malaysia and boasts of a wide range of specialty cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese and of course their very own Malay dishes.

KL is capable of serving the travelers complete meals from day to night. For the best breakfast you could ever experience, do not forget to drop by KL’s largest “Little India” at Brickfields which offers one of the best breakfasts a traveler in Malaysia can ever have. A common favorite is the Roti Canai, a flat croissant served as an appetizer together with a curry dip on the side. Other must-tries while in KL are the pan meen or flat noodle meal and the Kuih or their cakes and pastries variety.

Hong Kong: A Shopper’s paradise

Retail therapy on a different level. Hong Kong, home to its unbelievable shopping bargains that any shopaholic could ever dream. A variety of shopping goods and the willingness of the vendors to bargain with you is definitely a reality that is worth experiencing. If you get hungry, street food kiosks are just around the corner with a wide variety of choices to choose from.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region released from British sovereignty in 1997. At present, they have a diverse range of population which consists of the Filipinos, the Malaysians, the Europeans, the Americans, and the Indians. Truly a city endowed with the best of both the East and the West.

Philippines’ Best

The Philippines is a country composed of islands that takes pride in their beaches and the remaining animal sanctuaries. One the most popular sites are the white sand beaches of Boracay.

Boracay can be reached from Manila by daily flights on Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Asian Spirit, Seair and Pacific Air. Caticlan is nearer the island, but the airstrip is short and narrow, and only the smaller planes of Asian Spirit, Seair and Pacific Air can land on it. The larger aircraft of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines fly to Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. From Caticlan it takes about 15 minutes by boat to Boracay; from Kalibo, an hour and a half by bus plus the 15-minute boat ride.

The Best of Asia

Welcome to Asia – the largest landmass on the earth and perhaps the most beautiful as well. With a rich stock of diversified heritages & cultures, an abundance of natural bounties and countless of man-created wonders, this splendid continent has a lure to enchant every mood. Now, which destinations in Asia are calling your name for 2012? Where should you plan your upcoming holiday? This article brings you some recommendations. Read on to know some of the most enticing tourist attractions the Asian continent has to offer.

A land of illustrious past, rushing rivers and verdant forests, Thailand has recently risen as a travelers’ paradise. Unlike its neighbors, this country has never been colonized. Magnificent Buddha temples are everywhere in the island stand unique with their architecture grandeur and spiritual significance. Thailand is home to some of the most famous beaches in Asia. From bustling beaches in Pattaya to quiet and serene settings at Sunrise Beach and overexploited Koh Phi Phi to virgin sun-drenched Koh Lipe Beach, Thailand offers a lot for beach lovers of all natures. Also, a tour package for Thailand lets you explore notorious nightlife and heart-pondering adventures.

The first thing you will love in Sri Lanka is its climate of course. With year-round tropical climate and surrounded by pristine waters and gentle mountains, this resplendent isle boasts a unique natural charm that never fails to impress visitors’ hearts. Hanging like a teardrop off the southeastern tip of India, Sri Lanka is home to amazing backwaters, tea plantations and rain forest preserves, and hence attracts the nature lovers from far and wide. Visit to the Sri Lanka makes the travelers discover great Buddha temples and ancient Buddhist ruins from the 12th century.

Some people enjoy its historical essence; some taste its cultural extravaganza, while others dig into the magical beauty of its shorelines. One of the most sought after tourist spots worldwide, India is an incredible land where exoticism dwells in all its corners. From great Himalaya range in the North to pristine Kerala beaches in the South and gleaming deserts in the West to tropical forests in the East, India combines all facets of nature and gives the tourists an unparalleled vacation experience. The country has a rich past, so you can see historical wonders everywhere. Taj Mahal in Agra, Red Fort in New Delhi, Amber Fort in Jaipur and Churches in Goa are some of its mesmerizing historical landmarks. Also, don’t miss to explore India’s amazing wildlife, crafts and unique culture during your visit to this country.

If you yearn shopping during your vacation, Singapore is nothing less to a perfect choice to you. Finding yourself in between kilometers of world class shopping malls at orchard Road is just one of the surprises this lively city/state has to offer. The choices for shopping and food are truly an eye opener for first time visitors. However, strolling along the towering skyscrapers, magnificent colonial buildings and beautiful sea-shores is also a rewarding experience. Singapore tour also enchants sports lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. You will get to see some of world class tourist attractions like Singapore Flyer and the Night Safari on a Singapore getaway.

Typical Vietnamese Foods

Vietnamese food is quite unlike any other food in Southeast Asia. It’s even quite different from China. Overall it’s a blend of Malay, Indian, French and influences and incorporates baguettes and pate from France; and curries and chilies from India.

Recently voted by health experts as the world’s healthiest food, Vietnamese cuisine mixes grilled meats, fresh vegetables, cold noodles, and all kinds of seafood dishes spiced with tamarind and chili.

Available at all hours of the day, Vietnamese food can be eaten as snacks, in street side stalls, in budget restaurants, and in hotels. In many cases only the price is the difference because often the tastiest foods come from the most basic kitchens.

As you travel up or down the country, you will notice sharp differences in both main dishes and snacks eaten by locals. Its one of the joys of traveling in the country, and it’s a good idea to ask your guide to point out interesting things to eat.


With the weather so cold for so much of the year, soups play a large part in Northern cuisine. Pho, Vietnam’s ‘chicken soup,’ is made with white vermicelli noodles, sliced beef or chicken, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, hot broth and mint leaves that is served piping hot and at all hours of the day. Pho stalls can be found all over Hanoi (and Hanoi style Pho can be found all over Vietnam, catering to homesick Hanoians) and a bowl can cost between 5,000 and 10,000 dong, depending on the location.

Once the bowl is put in front of you, spice it up with bean sauce and chili sauce and squeeze in a few lime wedges; then dig in with a pair of chopsticks in one hand (to lift up the noodles to cool them off) and a spoon in the other (to lift the noodles to your mouth). Other soups include Chao, a kind of rice porridge, and it’s often prescribed as a remedy for common colds.

By far the favorite food in Hanoi is ‘Bun Cha’ grilled meat eaten at makeshift restaurants serving patrons on the street. It’s a great way to fill up for just a few thousand dongs, and when walking around the city it may be impossible to resist the smell.

Bia Hoi is a Hanoi invention, and ‘Bia’ comes from the English word ‘beer.’ Its freshly brewed and served in plastic jugs; its cheap, and it’s a great way to soak up Hanoi’s ambience at night and you might even make some friends along the way.

Hanoians may be a reserved bunch, but they are downright adventurous when it comes to exotic food: fried silk worms, cobra meat, dog meat among others are eaten by people in the capital to cure sickness, increase virility or just because it’s the right season.


Most of the food eaten in Central Vietnam has some link to the imperial kitchens of the Nguyen Emperors in Hue. Many of the spices, techniques and vegetables come straight from the tables of the emperors themselves.

Imperial spring rolls are commonly eaten, as is Bun Bo Hue, a spicy beef soup that is not for the faint hearted; you may need a bottle of water nearby to wash down the chili peppers.

Perhaps the most famous is Banh Khoai, a pancake like food that is eaten with nuoc leo, a rich peanut sauce. The pancake includes eggs, shrimps and bean sprouts (much like Banh Xeo, in the south, discussed later)

A popular snack is Banh Beo, tiny ceramic dishes with a boiled rice cake topped with pork bits and eaten with a spoon; Drop a small amount of fish sauce (Nuoc Mam) on top and dig in.

A lot of seafood is eaten here as well, and boiled crabs are a specialty.

Perhaps the most exotic food eaten here is Com Hen, a cold rice dish flavored with juice from clams that live in the river near Hoi An. Other ingredients include white vermicelli noodles, chili and shrimp sauce. Its quite a difficult dish to prepare and is not for those who worry about healthy shellfish.


The South of Vietnam is considered to have the best food in the country, namely because Saigon, with its increasingly wealthy inhabitants, demand the highest quality vegetables fruits meats etc, and foreign foods (even American Fast Food giants KFC are here) are increasingly common from French to Mexican to Indian.

With the lush Mekong Delta so close, the fruit is very fresh and durians, pineapple, mango and star fruit all come into play in dishes as they come into season.

Banh Xeo is perhaps the most famous Southern Dish, like Banh Khoai, it too is a pancake, but the dish Banh Xeo is much larger, and uses more green beans, shrimps and coconut milk. It serves more than one person, and is dipped in nuoc mam, fish sauce, after being wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves.

Freshly cooked spring rolls are famous in Saigon, but the most specialized are Goi Cuon, the fresh spring rolls combining sliced cold shrimp, mint leaves, cold vermicelli noodles, and rice paper that is dipped in nuoc mam.

Hong Kong’s Best Restaurants

Hong Kong’s numerous eating places are catering for every taste and budget: From uber-swanky gourmet restaurants, where the world’s rich and famous have their luxurious dinners of fois gras and truffles, to authentic “Dai pai dong” stalls and simple “Cha Chaan Teng” eateries where delicious Cantonese fare can be enjoyed…

In this article, I will introduce you to what I believe are Hong Kong’s top 10 restaurants.

The VIP room – Yung Kee
This seventy years old “culinary institution” has made an international name for itself thanks to its legendary Roast goose, which some say is the best in Hong Kong, if not in the whole world… However, the restaurant itself is not what I want to tell you about, and I would have probably not included it in the Hong Kong top 10 restaurants list, if it was not for its V.I.P room.

Those of you who really want to enjoy a sensational dining experience, should book in advance for the 4th floor VIP room or the Yung’s club on the 8th floor. It’s somewhat more expensive but the food and the ambiance justify the price… Superb Cantonese cuisine at its best.

Yung Kee is located on 32-40 Wellington Street, Central (Phone: 2522 1624)

Da Ping Huo

This small and intimate private kitchen restaurant serves fabulous Szechwan cuisine in a very nice atmosphere. It’s owned by a couple of artists: The husband is responsible for the interior decor and the paintings, while the wife is in charge of the lovely food and the after-dinner performance.

Food is hands down delicious and, as expected, is quite spicy and flavorful… The chef brings most spices and herbs directly from Sichuan and the results are fantastic. You need to book well in advance.

49 Hollywood Road, SoHo (Phone: 2559 1317)

Yellow door kitchen

Alongside, Da Ping Huo, Yellow Door Kitchen is one of Hong Kong’s best private-kitchen restaurants, serving fantastic Sichuan and Shanghainese food in pleasant surroundings.

This small and highly praised restaurant is known for the top quality ingredients it uses, as well as for its chef’s dedication, both of which result in some excellent food… Recommended dishes include: Deep-fried eel with sweet & sour sauce, Shanghai style “Eight Treasures Duck”, Sauteed fish fillet with pepper & leek, Sichuan style Tofu, Sichuan style dan-dan noodle and Meat dumplings with spicy Sichuan sauce.

Prices are not too bad: Especially if you order their set-dinner, which gives you the opportunity to try different things.

6/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane Street, SoHo (Phone: 2858 6555)

Tim’s Kitchen
This small private-kitchen restaurant has made an international name for itself (including a Michelin award), mainly because of the superior ingredients it uses and the chef insistence on cooking the classical Cantonese dishes, even if that means a lot of preparations…

The focus is given to seafood but there are also some outstandingly good chicken specialties and, as in many private-kitchen establishments, you should book a few days in advance and discuss your order with the chef-owner.

93 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Phone: 2543 5919)

Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel

Caprice is one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious and sought after restaurants.

Located within the sumptuous Four Seasons hotel, the restaurant offers an unbeatable combination of beautiful décor, gorgeous harbor views, lovely atmosphere and, above all, Superb French cuisine, with a lighter touch…

This unsurpassed dinning experience is complemented by an impressive wine list (predominantly French wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy)

Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Central

Restaurant Petrus
Restaurant Petrus is one of Hong Kong’s best hotel restaurants and an internationally-known French gourmet institution…

The extremely elegant restaurant is located on Shangri-la’s 56th floor and offers breathtaking harbor views that can be competed only by those of Victoria Peak.

Very classic and luxurious design with perfect table settings, heavy curtains and glittering chandeliers… Tranquil, elegant and romantic atmosphere and, above all, superb French cuisine, complemented by one of Asia’s most impressive wine collections.

Level 56, The Island Shangri-la hotel (Phone: 2820 8590)

Lung King Heen 
This lavish restaurant specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary touch, and serves some of the best Dim sum in Hong Kong, alongside a wide variety of creative Shark’s fin and Bird’s nest specialties.

The beautiful décor is classic-contemporary, with plenty of dark wood and Chinese antiques, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows that offer some stunning harbor views.

Four seasons Hotel Hong Kong, IFC complex, Central

Fook Lam Moon 
This Hong Kong culinary legend was established more than 50 years ago by a creative Cantonese cook who worked for some of the city’s wealthiest families, before starting his own business.

Using top quality ingredients is what this restaurant is best known for and, indeed, their “unique dishes” are considered among the best in Hong Kong… Especially the Shark’s fin and the Abalone which are possibly the finest you can find in the city.
There are also some less exorbitant dishes on the menu that are still outstandingly delicious… like the Roast chicken, Roast Duck and, of course… the fabulous Dim-sum.

Prices are slightly on the high side, when compared to other Chinese restaurants, but the food is fantastic…

35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai (Phone: 2866 0663)

53-59 Kimberley Road, Tsim sha Tsui (Phone: 2366 0286)

Yan Toh heen
Strategically located at the swanky InterContinental, Yan Toh Heen serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong, in an elegant and refined setting that matches in with the fabulous food.

Other than its elegant décor and famous handcrafted jade table-settings, the restaurant boasts large windows through which you can enjoy lovely views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s skyline, while indulging on some of the most scrumptious dim sum you have ever tasted…

Prices are on the high side, but the dining experience is simply superb

InterContinental Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim sha Tsui (Phone: 2313 2323)

Spring Deer 
Established almost forty years ago, Spring Deer is one of Hong Kong’s best and most popular Chinese restaurants.