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Car Rental Brings You Closer to Food Paradise

There are several things that bring people from all walks of life together and some of these include music and food. When it comes to food, there are very few occasions, where you might find people unwilling to sit down at a table and enjoy the flavours presented. With Classified Cars UK hire, you get to experience of exactly how and why food is such an integral part of our lives.

Irrespective of which part of the world you go to, chances are that the most crowded places there are those, where delicious food is served. It is also said that the mark of a good restaurant is the crowd – the greater the number of people, better the food. With Coolangatta car rental, you will be able to get to the most popular restaurants in town, with ease and comfort.

Since you have a Great Deals on used Citroen DS3 cars on, you will be able to drive down with your entire family. You will save immense amounts of money, which you would have otherwise spent on cabs and bus fares. As they say, money is saved is money earned; and this “earned” money could be spent ordering something extra at the dinner table.

Coolangatta airport car hire is also a good way to explore the food scene of the city, particularly, if you are not confident enough about coming into the city for the purpose of locating a rental car. Given that you are in Australia, it makes sense that some of the best food you will be able to find here, will be local. Modern Australian cuisine has developed and evolved over the years and today offers an extraordinary variety to diners.

There are several good restaurants in Coolangatta, where you will get to sample interesting modern Australian cuisine. Bella Kai and Crave Restaurant are two perfect examples, because here you will get to taste highest quality seafood, prepared by trained chefs, who understand the techniques of international cuisines and combine that with native Aussie flavours. You can enjoy your food, with a glass of wine and spectacular views!

Great Culinary Destinations in Asia

Asia is full of great places to eat, after all the area is home to some of the best cuisines in the world. Every country you visit here has its own mouth-watering specialties based upon local ingredients that will blow your mind. Of course not all cuisines are created equal and while the food is consistently excellent, there are a few countries which really stand out.

Vietnam has some of the most consistently excellent food in the world. With strong Chinese influences it has created a delicious blend of noodles, rice and mouth-watering soup. You will find the usual fare of fried noodles and rice, yet you should concentrate on Pho, a beef broth soup which is made with delicious fresh rice noodles: this lovely dish is fragrant, filling and, if you add some chili, very spicy. Vietnam is also known for its baguettes, indeed, the colonial influence of France lives on here. Roadside vendors sell incredible sandwiches stuffed with familiar and unexpected items that are well worth it for a quick meal.

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse place – this has left it with an amazing cuisine which blends Indian, Chinese and Malay influences. Fried rice and noodles are incredibly popular while treats like Satay and Roti Canai are great for roadside snacks. Roti Canai, a dish consisting of fried bread and curry for dipping, is particularly noteworthy. You can also sample some great fusion in the form of Noonya food which combines Malay and Chinese influences to create delicate curries that will astound you. The Indian food is also very good here, and if you travel to this country you should definitely spend an evening sampling a curry or eight.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for European travellers who come here to relax on the beach. It is also home to some of the best food in Asia. Like most of the food here strong Chinese influences are present, yet this land certainly has its own distinct culinary style. Fish sauce, lemon-grass, coconut milk and sweet basil are used to create a huge variety of amazing dishes that are very fragrant yet spicy. Tourist favourites include: green and red curries and the omnipresent Pad Thai. That said, there are many different dishes out there which are a bit more exciting: KaProw Moo is a lovely pork dish, while Kow Mun Gai is an amazing mix of oily rice, chicken and broth.

These three countries offer some of the best food in Asia. Luckily they are also some of the most accessible places on this great continent and many tourists travel each year to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. This has led to the creation of a tourist economy with its requisite burger stops and pizza restaurants – this is a great shame as the local cuisine is so wonderful that there is no need to even think of having a cheeseburger. So if you are lucky enough to be travelling to one of these great countries, be sure to sample the food and eat to your heart’s content.

Natural Foods To Help Your Diet

Sometimes we tend to think of healthy food as boring, tasteless and unappealing. But, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Ahead is some information on four healthy foods for your diet that taste good, are readily available at the grocery store, and are very good for your health.

It is surprising, but beets are one of the best foods you can include in your diet. Two items that reduce homocysteine in the blood stream are folate and betaine, and these things are found in beets. It is believed that homocysteine can damage arteries and cause heart disease. If you add beets to your diet, you will lessen the chance of developing any of these problems. By feeding lab mice beets, it has been proven that they help fight cancer. It is best to eat beets raw for the maximum health benefit. Try shredding them, soaking them in the juice of a lemon and some olive oil, and then toss them in a salad.

Most people only eat cinnamon when it is on top of a bun or sugary muffin. In addition to tasting good, it also helps control blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. Eating two grams of cinnamon each day for six weeks reduced sugar levels in the blood stream, as well as lowered cholesterol in people with Type Two Diabetes, USDA research found. Methylhydroxychalcone polymers are the active ingredients found in the spice, and these help your body metabolize sugar better. It is best to eat it sprinkled on oatmeal, cereal, or in your coffee.

Goji Berries
Tibetans have been using Goji berries for medicinal reasons for centuries. Research has found that a small berry contains more antioxidants than any other fruit that has been analyzed so far. Research has also found that the berry can reduce insulin production, which is a risk factor for patients with diabetes. An easy way to add the benefits of these berries to your diet is to sprinkle them on your morning hot or cold cereal, or even yogurt.

Food Of Northern Thailand

I moved half way around the world to Northern Thailand in order to eat better. You might say that I’m more than a little interested in food.

I remember the food writer and TV celebrity chef Jamie Oliver saying that he dreams about herbs. Surprisingly it is the only sensible and normal sounding thing I have ever heard him say. It’s not unusual for me to spend days or weeks thinking about particular recipes or foods, although I haven’t yet dreamed about herbs… I’m sure though it’s only a matter of time.

The foods available in Northern Thailand must rank amongst the most interesting and amazing in the world. There are influences from throughout Asia including China and India and the fragrant dishes of Malaysia, Indonesia, Lao, Vietnam and Southern Thailand (the old Siam). It’s a giddy mixture and a life’s work to get to know and understand them all… but I’m prepared to give it a go. It’s a life changing experience in itself.

Part of the wonderful food experience in Northern Thailand is the strong market culture. There are excellent fresh markets throughout this whole region that sell the freshest and best food anywhere on the planet. Huge piles of mangoes, cabbages, chilies, coriander, strawberries, jack fruit, limes, lemon grass and every other fruit or vegetable you can think of fill the buzzing markets.

The part of the market that I frequent the most is the rice section. Back in the UK rice is just something you buy and cook and don’t think a great deal about. Here in Chiang Mai, the main city in Northern Thailand, rice is almost a revered commodity. There are endless types of rice available for sale either piled high in big sacks, or already cooked in big steaming vats. My favorite and probably the most popular in this part of Chiang Mai is locally grown sticky rice. I had sticky rice once in London in a Thai restaurant and quickly wished I hadn’t. It was a bit like eating glue. The sticky rice here is completely different; it’s warm and soft… more like fluffy mashed potatoes than rice. It’s the kind of food that will always be eaten because, like mashed potatoes, it is so damn good.

So, once you have your warm sticky rice what next? There are different ways you can go from here. Either you could try some Thai soups or curries and dip the rice straight into it, or you could invest in a tiny pot of spicy dry chili sauce called “Nam Prik Ta Dem” which is popular all over Thailand. Some people do eat the rice and the dry sauce as a meal in itself… it’s the cheapest complete meal available at most markets. If however, you have a few baht left over (which I’m sure you might) you could think about getting something from the grilled section. Thai sausages are excellent, but vary enormously in spiciness. There are also grilled fish which range from the excellent and locally farmed Catfish to the expensive Snake Head Fish with soft flaky flesh or perhaps you may prefer some chicken, or honey marinated pork satay, or deep fried vegetable tempura or land crab pate or any one of the most delicious and unusual foods in the world.