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Wonderful Vacation at Some of the Best Places in Asia

If you want a different kind of experience for your vacation then there is no doubt that Asia is the place to be. It has a lot to offer tourists from exotic dishes to diverse cultures; you will never go wrong when you visit some of the best places Asia is proud of. You will also be introduced to some of the things that you have never seen before that you will only see in this lovely continent. There are just so many reasons why you should come and visit Asia as well as discover the magnificent places and meet warm people.

First off, make sure that Indonesia is on top of your list for your Asian trip. It is your chance to experience Bali and the wonderful cultures you have not yet witnessed.

India offers an exotic vacation to tourists. This is one trip that will surely stick in your memory. Enjoy the boat rides in some of the great rivers there. And if you are looking for some spiritual enlightenment, be prepared to join in with India’s religious citizens. You will discover amazing temples and other architectural wonders.

Bangkok, Thailand should not be missed out on your itinerary. They have got great temples and shrines. When you are there, grab the chance to head to Pattaya as well as the Coral Island.

Vietnam is among the top choices of tourists when they go to Asia. If you are a fan of authentic dishes then enjoy Vietnamese food. You can just walk round the city and explore the many sights. You can also take cruises along their great Mekong River and do not forget to taste Vietnamese fruits too.

For breathtaking sceneries then head to Pakistan. Even though it is known to be a dangerous country, many tourists still come and take a look at what this country has to offer. Discover the wonderful sights of the Himalayan Mountains and visit the Swat Museum as well.

The oh-so-fabulous China should also be visited. There are a lot of great places that you can go to which include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square.

Be prepared to enrich your historical knowledge with some of the museums that you can find in Turkey. There are also great archaeological landmarks like Blue Mosque and Pamukkale’s Hierapolis.

Your Asian trip will never be complete without stopping by at Japan. Have a look at Tokyo City. There are just so many things that you can do there.

Lastly, Singapore is a great place to shop. So make sure that you bring with you your credit card and cash and buy souvenirs, electronics and clothes that you like.

Where to Find the Best Food

Loft Bar and Bistro is one of the restaurants that offers fine dining. It is located in the heart of San Jose and offers inside and outside dining. The restaurant menu only offers lunch and dinner. The menu has both unique and familiar dishes, such as Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Scampi Prawns and Braised Lamb Shanks and even custom made buffets, entrees and even platters that can be chosen to be either full hosted bars or full hosted cash bars.

The Taiwan Restaurant offers Szechwan, Cantonese and Taiwan specialties. The Taiwan Restaurant offers carry out and catering. The owners have decorated the restaurant with flower arrangements and oil paintings for the customers to enjoy. The menu offers anything from seafood to chicken as well as chief specials to family dinner specials.

Le Papillon has a widespread a la carte and French tasting menu that focuses on natural and sustainable narrow ingredients. With seasonally changing menus chefs are allowed to offer premium and fresh ingredients. This restaurant even offers a tasty menu that includes Porcini Mushrooms and confit ravioli.

La Pastaiais is only minutes away for travelers coming from the San Jose international airport. It is an ideal stop for hungry travelers who want to experience fine Italian cuisine. This Italian restaurant is also beneficial because it offers personalized menus for groups up to twenty-five.

Auqi Cal-Mex Grill Mexican has dishes that are fashioned and inspired by using new seasonal herbs, produce and meats. They blend in up to date flavors of Asia, the American Southwest and Latin America. This restaurant is sure to offer Mexican cuisine that will please all taste buds.

McCormick and Schmicks Seafood have chief contacts with different varieties of dishes from the Pacific, Atlantic and the Golf Coast even when it limited. McCormick and Schmicks are known for their seafood. This restaurant doesn’t only offer seafood, but it also changes its menu constantly to please everyone.

Sonoma Chicken Coop is a fast, casual dining restaurant that makes all of the menu items from scratch and fresh ingredients. Sonoma Chicken Coop offers different types of food that includes pizza, fish, sandwiches, and their well know rotisserie chicken. There are four restaurants located in the San Jose California. Sonoma Chicken offers outside dinning outside on their patio where travelers can enjoy the sights of San Jose.

Top Travel Destinations

From the West, the adventure takes a pit stop at the East. This part of the globe has been a favorite destination because of its warm weather and tropical ambiance which provides that relaxing feel.

For those who wish to see a different set of country natives-different features, different cultures, Asia is worth visiting. Aside from its rich culture, the food is definitely to die for and worth trying out. Asian restaurants may be available from where you came from, but nothing beats the best.

Maldives Paradise

From its crystal clear waters, white sparkling sand, tribal gongs and drums, no one can deny that this is definitely a Maldives treat. Ranked as the most famous beach holiday destination, this paradise is a must-go for any beach lover.

This is also a Diver’s delight which provides them a rare opportunity to swim with the fish and spot bejeweled corals and enchanting reefs. Your experiences here are truly a holiday-maker.

Delectable Kuala Lumpur (MY)

For all foodie jet-setters, another Asian treasure is discovered because of their authentic local delicacies that are truly worth trying out. Kuala Lumpur, or KL for short, is the capital and the largest city of Malaysia and boasts of a wide range of specialty cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese and of course their very own Malay dishes.

KL is capable of serving the travelers complete meals from day to night. For the best breakfast you could ever experience, do not forget to drop by KL’s largest “Little India” at Brickfields which offers one of the best breakfasts a traveler in Malaysia can ever have. A common favorite is the Roti Canai, a flat croissant served as an appetizer together with a curry dip on the side. Other must-tries while in KL are the pan meen or flat noodle meal and the Kuih or their cakes and pastries variety.

Hong Kong: A Shopper’s paradise

Retail therapy on a different level. Hong Kong, home to its unbelievable shopping bargains that any shopaholic could ever dream. A variety of shopping goods and the willingness of the vendors to bargain with you is definitely a reality that is worth experiencing. If you get hungry, street food kiosks are just around the corner with a wide variety of choices to choose from.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region released from British sovereignty in 1997. At present, they have a diverse range of population which consists of the Filipinos, the Malaysians, the Europeans, the Americans, and the Indians. Truly a city endowed with the best of both the East and the West.

Philippines’ Best

The Philippines is a country composed of islands that takes pride in their beaches and the remaining animal sanctuaries. One the most popular sites are the white sand beaches of Boracay.

Boracay can be reached from Manila by daily flights on Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Asian Spirit, Seair and Pacific Air. Caticlan is nearer the island, but the airstrip is short and narrow, and only the smaller planes of Asian Spirit, Seair and Pacific Air can land on it. The larger aircraft of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines fly to Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. From Caticlan it takes about 15 minutes by boat to Boracay; from Kalibo, an hour and a half by bus plus the 15-minute boat ride.