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The Best of Asia

Welcome to Asia – the largest landmass on the earth and perhaps the most beautiful as well. With a rich stock of diversified heritages & cultures, an abundance of natural bounties and countless of man-created wonders, this splendid continent has a lure to enchant every mood. Now, which destinations in Asia are calling your name for 2012? Where should you plan your upcoming holiday? This article brings you some recommendations. Read on to know some of the most enticing tourist attractions the Asian continent has to offer.

A land of illustrious past, rushing rivers and verdant forests, Thailand has recently risen as a travelers’ paradise. Unlike its neighbors, this country has never been colonized. Magnificent Buddha temples are everywhere in the island stand unique with their architecture grandeur and spiritual significance. Thailand is home to some of the most famous beaches in Asia. From bustling beaches in Pattaya to quiet and serene settings at Sunrise Beach and overexploited Koh Phi Phi to virgin sun-drenched Koh Lipe Beach, Thailand offers a lot for beach lovers of all natures. Also, a tour package for Thailand lets you explore notorious nightlife and heart-pondering adventures.

The first thing you will love in Sri Lanka is its climate of course. With year-round tropical climate and surrounded by pristine waters and gentle mountains, this resplendent isle boasts a unique natural charm that never fails to impress visitors’ hearts. Hanging like a teardrop off the southeastern tip of India, Sri Lanka is home to amazing backwaters, tea plantations and rain forest preserves, and hence attracts the nature lovers from far and wide. Visit to the Sri Lanka makes the travelers discover great Buddha temples and ancient Buddhist ruins from the 12th century.

Some people enjoy its historical essence; some taste its cultural extravaganza, while others dig into the magical beauty of its shorelines. One of the most sought after tourist spots worldwide, India is an incredible land where exoticism dwells in all its corners. From great Himalaya range in the North to pristine Kerala beaches in the South and gleaming deserts in the West to tropical forests in the East, India combines all facets of nature and gives the tourists an unparalleled vacation experience. The country has a rich past, so you can see historical wonders everywhere. Taj Mahal in Agra, Red Fort in New Delhi, Amber Fort in Jaipur and Churches in Goa are some of its mesmerizing historical landmarks. Also, don’t miss to explore India’s amazing wildlife, crafts and unique culture during your visit to this country.

If you yearn shopping during your vacation, Singapore is nothing less to a perfect choice to you. Finding yourself in between kilometers of world class shopping malls at orchard Road is just one of the surprises this lively city/state has to offer. The choices for shopping and food are truly an eye opener for first time visitors. However, strolling along the towering skyscrapers, magnificent colonial buildings and beautiful sea-shores is also a rewarding experience. Singapore tour also enchants sports lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. You will get to see some of world class tourist attractions like Singapore Flyer and the Night Safari on a Singapore getaway.