Car Rental Brings You Closer to Food Paradise

There are several things that bring people from all walks of life together and some of these include music and food. When it comes to food, there are very few occasions, where More »

Great Culinary Destinations in Asia

Asia is full of great places to eat, after all the area is home to some of the best cuisines in the world. Every country you visit here has its own mouth-watering More »

Natural Foods To Help Your Diet

Sometimes we tend to think of healthy food as boring, tasteless and unappealing. But, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Ahead is some information on four healthy foods for your diet More »

Food Of Northern Thailand

I moved half way around the world to Northern Thailand in order to eat better. You might say that I’m more than a little interested in food. I remember the food writer More »

“Health Foods” That May Be Making You Sick

There are many of us who are dieting and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We exercise and go out of our way to eat the best foods we can. Most of More »

Natural Foods To Help Your Diet

Sometimes we tend to think of healthy food as boring, tasteless and unappealing. But, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Ahead is some information on four healthy foods for your diet that taste good, are readily available at the grocery store, and are very good for your health.

It is surprising, but beets are one of the best foods you can include in your diet. Two items that reduce homocysteine in the blood stream are folate and betaine, and these things are found in beets. It is believed that homocysteine can damage arteries and cause heart disease. If you add beets to your diet, you will lessen the chance of developing any of these problems. By feeding lab mice beets, it has been proven that they help fight cancer. It is best to eat beets raw for the maximum health benefit. Try shredding them, soaking them in the juice of a lemon and some olive oil, and then toss them in a salad.

Most people only eat cinnamon when it is on top of a bun or sugary muffin. In addition to tasting good, it

“Health Foods” That May Be Making You Sick

There are many of us who are dieting and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We exercise and go out of our way to eat the best foods we can. Most of us already know that trans-fats, white sugar and white flour are not the best health choices, especially if we want to keep our weight down.

Unfortunately some of the very foods that we think are healthy are ones that can cause a lot of trouble for our bodies, and even make us ill. Below is a list of some surprisingly unhealthy “health foods.”

Artificial Sweeteners

Many people who are dieting, whether it is low calorie or low carb diets, will opt for beverages with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Admittedly sugar is certainly a troublemaker and should be avoided, but artificial sweeteners are actually worse for you and could even be dangerous to your health.

All the artificial sweeteners are bad, but one of the worst sweeteners for us is NutraSweet (Equal, aspartame). There are over 92 different health related side effects associated with aspartame consumption,

Where to Find the Best Food

Loft Bar and Bistro is one of the restaurants that offers fine dining. It is located in the heart of San Jose and offers inside and outside dining. The restaurant menu only offers lunch and dinner. The menu has both unique and familiar dishes, such as Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Scampi Prawns and Braised Lamb Shanks and even custom made buffets, entrees and even platters that can be chosen to be either full hosted bars or full hosted cash bars.

The Taiwan Restaurant offers Szechwan, Cantonese and Taiwan specialties. The Taiwan Restaurant offers carry out and catering. The owners have decorated the restaurant with flower arrangements and oil paintings for the customers to enjoy. The menu offers anything from seafood to chicken as well as chief specials to family dinner specials.

Le Papillon has a widespread a la carte and French tasting menu that focuses on natural and sustainable narrow ingredients. With seasonally changing menus chefs are allowed to offer premium and fresh ingredients. This restaurant even offers a tasty menu that includes Porcini Mushrooms and confit ravioli.


Car Rental Brings You Closer to Food Paradise

There are several things that bring people from all walks of life together and some of these include music and food. When it comes to food, there are very few occasions, where you might find people unwilling to sit down at a table and enjoy the flavours presented. With Classified Cars UK hire, you get to experience of exactly how and why food is such an integral part of our lives.

Irrespective of which part of the world you go to, chances are that the most crowded places there are those, where delicious food is served. It is also said that the mark of a good restaurant is the crowd – the greater the number of people, better the food. With Coolangatta car rental, you will be able to get to the most popular restaurants in town, with ease and comfort.

Since you have a Great Deals on used Citroen DS3 cars on, you will be able to drive down with your entire family. You will save immense amounts of money, which you would have otherwise spent on cabs and bus fares. As they say, money

Great Culinary Destinations in Asia

Asia is full of great places to eat, after all the area is home to some of the best cuisines in the world. Every country you visit here has its own mouth-watering specialties based upon local ingredients that will blow your mind. Of course not all cuisines are created equal and while the food is consistently excellent, there are a few countries which really stand out.

Vietnam has some of the most consistently excellent food in the world. With strong Chinese influences it has created a delicious blend of noodles, rice and mouth-watering soup. You will find the usual fare of fried noodles and rice, yet you should concentrate on Pho, a beef broth soup which is made with delicious fresh rice noodles: this lovely dish is fragrant, filling and, if you add some chili, very spicy. Vietnam is also known for its baguettes, indeed, the colonial influence of France lives on here. Roadside vendors sell incredible sandwiches stuffed with familiar and unexpected items that are well worth it for a quick meal.

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse place – this has left it with an amazing cuisine which blends Indian, Chinese and Malay influences. Fried

Food Of Northern Thailand

I moved half way around the world to Northern Thailand in order to eat better. You might say that I’m more than a little interested in food.

I remember the food writer and TV celebrity chef Jamie Oliver saying that he dreams about herbs. Surprisingly it is the only sensible and normal sounding thing I have ever heard him say. It’s not unusual for me to spend days or weeks thinking about particular recipes or foods, although I haven’t yet dreamed about herbs… I’m sure though it’s only a matter of time.

The foods available in Northern Thailand must rank amongst the most interesting and amazing in the world. There are influences from throughout Asia including China and India and the fragrant dishes of Malaysia, Indonesia, Lao, Vietnam and Southern Thailand (the old Siam). It’s a giddy mixture and a life’s work to get to know and understand them all… but I’m prepared to give it a go. It’s a life changing experience in itself.

Part of the wonderful food experience in Northern Thailand is the strong market culture. There are excellent fresh markets throughout this whole region that sell the freshest and best food

Experiencing Chiang Mai Food

What would be among the main reasons to visit the amazing Thai province of Chiang Mai? Most will mention that sightseeing in the luxurious green region of the province would be the prime reason to go. Others will mention another prime reason: to enjoy the local Chiang Mai food. No, that is not an exaggeration! Many find the food in Chiang Mai to be the best in Thailand if not the world. They may not travel to this Northern Thai province solely for the food but they definitely will partake in it once they arrive in the territory.

Simply put, it would be difficult to not want to enjoy the local Chiang Mai food as it is some of the very best food in Southeast Asia. What allows it to be so popular and enjoyable? Taking a look at the various offerings in Chiang Mai will reveal why these food selections are so popular.

There are a few things that separate the food in Chiang Mai from the selections in other parts of the country. For one, the food in this province is commonly spiced with a great many herbs. Coriander, shallots, and garlic would be

Where to Backpack Within South East Asia


Thailand is usually the best place to start for the first time independent traveler. It’s very easy to get around and there are always lots of other backpackers about to chat and hang out with.

Thailand is a mixture of forests to the North for Trekking and some of the best beaches in the world in the south.

Bangkok is a buzzing city crisscrossed with canals & rivers. The sky line is one of high rises, shopping malls & international hotel chains but at the canal banks and side streets of the city the traditional side of Thai life is clearly visible. The business hub of the city is easily navigated using the skyrail & underground but the more touristy areas around the Koh San road are less well supplied & Tuk Tuks are the main mode of transport. Negotiate hard with your tuk tuk driver – a taxi will always be cheaper & has the advantage of air conditioning however be sure to agree that you’re charged according to the metre as opposed to agreeing a fixed price. Taxis will only take you at an agreed price after 3pm as from this point

Recommended Foods to Defy the Aging Process

One of the most powerful secrets against skin aging is the right diet. With the help the perfect choices of foods, you will certainly defy the aging process. Hence, here are the recommended foods for your anti-aging diet.

To be considered as an anti-aging food, it should be rich in antioxidants that can reduce the oxidative damage of free radicals. Furthermore, it can also boost the immune system. Most of these foods have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

One of the top foods best known for its antioxidants is the yogurt of kefir. In fact, this food is the secret of several tribes living in mountainous areas of Asia. This is the very reason for their longevity. Rich in probiotics, yogurt and kefir can help prevent intestinal problems, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and infection of the reproductive organs. Furthermore, it is also known to help fight respiratory infections as well as enhance the function of the antibodies to fight a wide array of diseases.

Spices are very rich in antioxidants. Known for its anti-aging properties, garlic and onions are common everyday spices that can be included in any dish. Both of these foods contain flavonoids to

Always the Best Of Two Worlds and More

If there’s one thing to be said about this amazing city in Turkey, it’s that this is the doorway to the best of everything! The best sights (natural and man-made), the best food (traditional and foreign-influenced), and the best hotels – in Istanbul you always have a choice!

The Best Of Asia and Europe

The first thing you’ll learn about this fascinating destination is that it is the only city in the world that has its feet planted on two distinct continents: Asia and Europe. This makes for a diverse array of options within reach from wherever you may be staying among the best hotels. In Istanbul, the endlessly fascinating contradictions are what characterises a wonderful holiday: the old world sophistication and modern hubbub from Europe, and the ancient traditions and modern technological developments of Asia. It’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of experiences.

The best way to experience all of this is with a boat ride down the Bosphorus strait. Considered to be the lifeblood and heart of the city, this is where old wooden trawlers float alongside millionaires’ pleasure boats from the Mediterranean to the Orient. Along the shoreline are many charming wooden mansions

Enjoy Local Fare at Chinese Food Restaurants

Singapore is made up of 70% Chinese people and just by looking around, you can see their influences everywhere. Not only in Chinese restaurants, pagoda structures, the Chingay festival, Chinese New Year celebrated with such colour and excitement and structures with Chinese influences, Singapore is coloured bright red by its dominant population. One of the great things about this is that we get to experience every aspect of Chinese cuisine and cooking there is. The thing about the Chinese culture in Singapore is that it is extremely eclectic; there is no one single tribe that plays a major role in deciding the culture that pervades our local streets.

From Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien, TeoChew and even Chinese influenced cultures like Peranakan are all in Singapore. And these are just to name a few, there are so many more available and with the opening up of our local economy to foreigners, we are getting the benefit of more varied Chinese cultures from the mainland, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. These different tribes and different beliefs mean only one thing, that we have a excellent choice when it comes to food. From the hawker centres all the way

Restaurants, the Best Location to Eat

People seem to love the exotic aroma of Indian spices and achaars. India is certainly the place for amazing Indian food but London is not far behind. London also plays host to some authentic Indian restaurants. From stylish and tasteful decor that reminds you of India to various chutneys, achaars and recipes, Indian restaurants in London seem to have it all. Indian restaurants in London are visited are surely visited for the love people have for India. The London restaurants boast its innumerable variety of delicious vegetarian dishes along with spicy and exotic non-vegetarian curries. The tempting Indian vegetarian dishes include Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer Baingan ka Bharta, Daal Makhni etc and the non-vegetarian dishes are butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and sharabi kababi tikka.

Apart from Indian food, the culinary delights from Asia are also very popular. China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other places are also flaunted on the menu cards of other restaurants in London. The pan-Asian flavors dominate the dining scene in London for the enjoyable experience it offers. These restaurants provide for buffets as well as al’-carte. With colorful cocktails and some alluring mocktails, the Asian dining experience is heightened. Eating the most

Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Asia

Nobody really knows the origins of Halloween, although some state it began in Ireland and not America as you would expect. It is sometimes referred to as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve is a celebration of the day before All Hallows Day on 1st November. There are contradictions in History that say it was a pagan festival originating from the Celts, whilst others will have you believe it started with Christianity as a festival to remember the dead. Either way it is now one of the most popular events around the world and is celebrated in many different ways, none more so that in Asia.

In some Asian countries they actually celebrate by carving out Pumpkins, particularly in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. In Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia they also celebrate with pumpkins or more ready to hand fruits such as watermelons. Over the past few years, children in Asia have taken to trick or treating. Again, due to the influence of western pop culture and the growing number of international schools in the region.

Halloween decorations are not necessarily evident in Asian homes but in the shopping malls, bars and restaurants there are

How to Save Tons of Money on Food

You are on vacation in some foreign place, and your stomach starts growling because it is time to eat, however you look at your wallet and realize you don’t have much money left, so what should you do? Some people underestimate on how much food can cost you when travelling abroad. Therefore it is critical to ensure you budget yourself so that you have enough money for your food and drinks! Here are some great tips for budget travel on how to save tons of money on food.

Tip 1.) Eat at the local establishments and not at the hotels or fancy restaurants

One big money saving tip for food and beverages, is to eat at the local establishments, instead of at the hotels or fancy restaurants. Eating at hotels and fancy restaurants, typically are very expensive, and limited with choice and portions. By eating where the locals are eating, you will be guaranteed to have the most authentic culinary experience, along with the most affordable prices. This is very true when you travel to Asia, where you will probably get the best food at cheap prices at the street stall food vendors and “mom

How to Budget Southeast Asia Travel

Budget Southeast Asia Travel

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent with diverse cultures and fascinating people. This article will be concentrating more on the Southeast Asia region as it provides terrific value for budget travelers and you can travel from country to country overland effortlessly. You can travel easily through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia by land or with budget airlines.

Do plenty of research as it will save you money, time and frustration. Plan your day and how you are going to your destinations. Unnecessary transportation costs because of poor planning and indecision can really add up, so plan a logical route for your day and how you’re going to get from place to place. Look at budget travel guides like “Lonely Planet” or “Let’s Go” or “Trip Advisor”. These guides will give you useful information to specific countries while you embark on your Asian Adventure and soak up the culture!


Bundled flights, all Asia air pass or even budget/low-cost Asian airlines can significantly reduce the cost of your airfare. If time permits, using trains or buses for long trips between cities is another cheap

Wonderful Vacation at Some of the Best Places in Asia

If you want a different kind of experience for your vacation then there is no doubt that Asia is the place to be. It has a lot to offer tourists from exotic dishes to diverse cultures; you will never go wrong when you visit some of the best places Asia is proud of. You will also be introduced to some of the things that you have never seen before that you will only see in this lovely continent. There are just so many reasons why you should come and visit Asia as well as discover the magnificent places and meet warm people.

First off, make sure that Indonesia is on top of your list for your Asian trip. It is your chance to experience Bali and the wonderful cultures you have not yet witnessed.

India offers an exotic vacation to tourists. This is one trip that will surely stick in your memory. Enjoy the boat rides in some of the great rivers there. And if you are looking for some spiritual enlightenment, be prepared to join in with India’s religious citizens. You will discover amazing temples and other architectural wonders.

Bangkok, Thailand should not be

Top Travel Destinations

From the West, the adventure takes a pit stop at the East. This part of the globe has been a favorite destination because of its warm weather and tropical ambiance which provides that relaxing feel.

For those who wish to see a different set of country natives-different features, different cultures, Asia is worth visiting. Aside from its rich culture, the food is definitely to die for and worth trying out. Asian restaurants may be available from where you came from, but nothing beats the best.

Maldives Paradise

From its crystal clear waters, white sparkling sand, tribal gongs and drums, no one can deny that this is definitely a Maldives treat. Ranked as the most famous beach holiday destination, this paradise is a must-go for any beach lover.

This is also a Diver’s delight which provides them a rare opportunity to swim with the fish and spot bejeweled corals and enchanting reefs. Your experiences here are truly a holiday-maker.

Delectable Kuala Lumpur (MY)

For all foodie jet-setters, another Asian treasure is discovered because of their authentic local delicacies that are truly worth trying out. Kuala Lumpur, or KL for short, is the capital